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My Story and Inspirations


    As my work in handmade ceramics progressed , skills improved but I worried I didn't have a "voice", a style that was a signature as other potters did . My work is eclectic so I love the endless possibilities and continuous experimenting that handmade pottery affords.I learned to love my varied styles, embrace this as my voice.

    You'll find an a variety of clays , glazes, techniques. I use a potters wheel and slab rollers. Many pieces are handpainted with glaze . I use sodium silicate to create whats termed "crackle texture". Also sgraffito, bubble glaze, transfer underglaze and on and on. 

     Opening a kiln thats completed a final glaze firing is about the most exciting (and nerve wracking) experience an artist can have.

     Its made from my hands and heart and I hope you find something to give to someone special or keep in your home to use in your everyday life.

     I would be honored.

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